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Specializing in the design, development and support of WordPress websites.

—Below is a slideshow of my portfolio.—
Workflo Books - cloud bookkeeping site developed by Catherine Burke Dewar Apiaries - Honey Farm site developed by Catherine Burke Lois and Jean Handmade - Luxury Crafts site developed by Catherine Burke Symphontree Music site developed by Catherine Burke Client Logos design by Catherine Burke Made in BC - Dance on Tour site developed by Catherine Burke Breakaway Vacations British Columbia site developed by Catherine Burke Vancouver Vikings Swim Club site developed by Catherine Burke Spark Creations Inc site developed by Catherine Burke Shayna Hornstein Workplace Resilience site developed by Catherine Burke CanAmerican Drilling site developed by Catherine Burke La Casa Cottage Resort in Kelowna site developed by Catherine Burke Wychwood Capital site developed by Catherine Burke Organic Angels site developed by Catherine Burke Lattes and Scones site developed by Catherine Burke

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Content Management Systems (CMS)

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Are you using the Content Management Systems that is best suited for your business? Is it flexible? Easy to use? Easy to update? Are you frustrated with the one you are using right now. What are its limits?

The one I am interested in and one of the most popular because of its ease of use is WordPress. WordPress is free to operate and there are many free themes available, and some very fine ones that cost a few dollars to download and use. I can help you pick out the theme suitable for your business, set it up on a server and add any additional functionality you need.


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Need an online shop. I have written scripts and installed Moneris and Chase portals for service payments. I can complement payment portals with Woocommerce and Gravity Forms. Direct your clients to your website to pay their bills, and then they can click on the services they would like next. Make your website work for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Usability


The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.
—Oscar Wilde

Search engine ranking can seem like a mystery, but it is not.

Let me help you achieve optimal search engine results. I can move you to the top of your class by cleaning up your text, using optimum tags and links to rank you higher on a search page. Plus your website's usability also affects its ranking. If your information is confusing, users move on and don't come back. You have one chance to make a good impression. Before your site goes up, we test it to work out the kinks and tweek the usability.

JavaScript, PHP and MySQL

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Widgets, plugins, forms, user login, special effects are built with javascript, php and other scripting language. You need these to make your pictures slide, to have your users contact you, to make your website dynamic. You don't want your user to be bored. You want your users to get their information and to be impressed. This coding adds sparkle to your site.

I can incorporate into your existing site HTML5 and CSS3, the updated markup language in constructing a modern website, html5 or build you one from the ground up. And create a site that is responsive to the device being used to view it, whether it be a mobile phone, tablet or desk-top computer. Better yet, set you up with a WordPress theme so you don't have to worry about code acronyms and jargon.

Website Support


Write Edit

Quick, fact-driven sentences are a must on any website. You want to engage your reader's attention quickly and keep them on your site. Most users scan sites only for the information they want. If they don't find it within seconds they are gone. I can help you motivate them to fully read your site and recommend it to others by writing the copy or editing what you have already crafted.


Once I have set up your Content Management System (CMS), I can train you in less than 2 hours to maintain your own site. If you need additional help with file size, speed and other host management concerns I can assist you. I have the experience to explain FTP uploads, and perform MySQL maintenance. I will help you navigate the development of your site so thoroughly, you will become your website's expert.


Weekly maintenance is a must on any website, especially a small business one. Bold changing content keeps your readers' attention. When you want to change the written content or update your plugins for a smoothly running site, I can do them quickly and seamlessly. If you're short on time or don't have the inclination to get into the development side of your site, I can do it for you.

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Catherine Burke Web Designand Development

A graduate from BCIT Web Design and Development Program, I am constantly reminded of how fast media design is changing. Initially I started out in print graphics, designing newsletters, magazines, ads and book covers. Before that I graduated from UBC with a Master in Fine Arts (MFA). I started this path of graphic design with an undergraduate degree in English. Seems like an unusual path, but our desire to communicate with images is controlled by the accompanying words. When running a small business in the digital age, you need to be aware of the impact your website has on your product and your customers. This evolving landscape can be a challenge for any business owner. My diverse background is a guarantee that I can help you with your creativity, your communication, and update your website's language and code.

Places you can find me

If I did nothing but coding, designing and following my tech buddies on twitter, tumblr and facebook, I would be a dull person. To keep my mind, body and spirit sharp, I run long distances and practice hatha yoga. I am the city I live in: Vancouver, Canada. The aroma of coffee on a torrential downpour day always lifts my spirits. As does hiking and skiing. You can also find me at home where I do most of my work. Send me an email and let's get started on your website.

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